Monthly Archive for October, 2013

Have a spooky Halloween!

Children love Halloween. This week the year 3s and year 4s decided to create some scary decorations for their classrooms! People around the world tend to purchase pumpkins to carve them and light them up. Such tradition creates a nice yet frightening atmosphere. The pupils drew their pumpkins, coloured them in orange and cut them. They were also given some templates showing different Halloween characters such as the bat and the witch. The children glued them to their pumpkins to have a glowing effect. We are so happy with the result!

xxx xxx

Żaqqi mimlija …

Ħafna minna naħsbu ta’ spiss u ngħidu bejna u bejn ruħna … “Min jaf x’ser nieklu llejla?” jew  “Issa llum x’ser naqbad insajjar?”  Kulħadd iħobbha lil żaqqu u m’għandniex xi ngħidu kulħadd b’gostih.  Royan Spiteri tifel tas-Sitt Sena kiteb dwar l-ikel favorit tiegħu.  Nagħtukom ħjiel ċkejken … il-platt favorit ta’ Royan huwa mill-kċina taljana.  Jekk trid tkun taf x’iħobb l-aktar jiekol Royan aqra ftit x’kiteb hawnhekk:

L-Ikel Favorit Tiegħi

Din il-kitba saret minn Royan flimkien mal-għalliema Ms Janette li magħha kiteb il-komponiment bil-kompjuter u fittex stampi relatati mas-suġġett.

It is all about ME and my friends!

Pupils in the K1.1 class worked with their teacher Ms Anna on the topic Myself.  The children looked in the mirror to see their faces and drew up their own face as a painting using  paints.  The class discussed what they like to eat and drink, their favourite colour, their toys and friends in class.

The little ones also painted pictures of their friends, and worked on a booklet about their friends in class, by finding pictures in magazines to match what their friends like to eat and drink and other information that was shared in class.

The Myslef Booklet Painting friends Cutting pictures

A New EkoSkola Committee

The results are out …

Following a democratic election during which all pupils voted for fellow pupils to represent them on the EkoSkola Committee, 10 new members were elected and will be joining the 4 members who were previously on the committee.

The 10 new members are:

  1. Emerson Piscopo (Year 2)
  2. Shanaia Montebello (Year 5)
  3. Halen Grima (Year 5)
  4. Solange Ann Micallef (Year 2)
  5. Rico Bezzina Cascino (Year 4)
  6. Jael Dalli (Year 4)
  7. Yasmin Mckay (Year 2)
  8. Dejan Vella (Year 2)
  9. Caya Zammit (Year 2)
  10. Suhail Wirth (Year 5)

Nia Zammit, Haylee Mangion, Kayleigh Henderson and Rylees Agius will continue to serve on this committee … may it be a fruitful experience that will see us cheering for the fourth Green Flag in two years time.  Good luck to all!

The meaning of Friendship

On Friday 25th October all the school gathered in the Hall for the school gathering that was animated by the Year 4 classroom under the guidance of the class teacher Ms Matthia and the class LSA Ms Rebecca.  A sweet assembly was put up, during which the year 4 class sang two songs and put in some actions to the songs too.  Wise words about the meaning of true friendship were also shared with all those present.  The world would surely be a better place if we all learn to be true friends. May we all remember that no man is an island and we all need a supporting shoulder and who is best to offer that than a true and loyal friend.

Resources used for this assembly:

Video from YouTube The More We Get Together – A  song that teaches us that doing things together as a group is bound to make us happy

Script with wise words about the meaning of true friendship A Good Friend

Video from YouTube Count on Me – A song that teaches us that friendship is all about having that special person to count no matter how hard the situation may be