A New EkoSkola Committee

The results are out …

Following a democratic election during which all pupils voted for fellow pupils to represent them on the EkoSkola Committee, 10 new members were elected and will be joining the 4 members who were previously on the committee.

The 10 new members are:

  1. Emerson Piscopo (Year 2)
  2. Shanaia Montebello (Year 5)
  3. Halen Grima (Year 5)
  4. Solange Ann Micallef (Year 2)
  5. Rico Bezzina Cascino (Year 4)
  6. Jael Dalli (Year 4)
  7. Yasmin Mckay (Year 2)
  8. Dejan Vella (Year 2)
  9. Caya Zammit (Year 2)
  10. Suhail Wirth (Year 5)

Nia Zammit, Haylee Mangion, Kayleigh Henderson and Rylees Agius will continue to serve on this committee … may it be a fruitful experience that will see us cheering for the fourth Green Flag in two years time.  Good luck to all!

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Well done to one and all. I wish to congratulate the elected members. I also would like to thank all the other students who volunteered to participate as candidates. Although you did not make it to the committee this time, you are still very valid and your input will be definetely needed and appreciated.

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