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Pupils of the Month – October 2013

Well done, well done,

You deserve our praises!

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.

Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal!

The learners who were rewarded during October 2013 are:

YEAR 1Kaeden Cauchi

YEAR 2 Kyra Gauci

YEAR 3 Paris Micallef

YEAR 4 Haylee Mangion

YEAR 5 Kayleigh Henderson

YEAR 6 Robert Saillard

Healthy Eating Kinder Classes

All About Shapes

On Friday 25th October 2013 Ms. Jolene had a cooking activity along with her children which was based on the topic of shapes. This activity was an extension to the previous activities done from the book of Abacus.


The resources used where shape cutters as well as blunt knives that are safe to be used by the children. We also used recycled boxes to store the bread in and plates for the children to place their bread on.


The ingredients used where: strawberry jam, apricot jam and rectangle tramezzini

All the children had a rectangular tramezzina each apart from that they also had three different shape cutters, a square, a triangle and a circle. After cutting the shapes, the children spread the jam on the different shapes.


The aim of this activity was:

  • To explore the four different  shapes which are : a circle, a square, a triangle and the rectangle of the tramezzini
  • To count the sides of the square and the triangle
  • To understand  that a circle has no sides
  • To explore the tastes and colours of two different types of jams
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Healthy Eating Kinder Classes

Yum yum it’s Fruit Salad time!

On Friday 25th October 2013 Ms Margaret’s class had one great cooking activity in the Food Lab.  Together with their teacher and LSA the children had the opportunity of making their own Fruit salad in orange crusts.

Learning Goal: Children get familiar with the taste of different fruit while enjoying themselves eating a fruit salad.

The children were able to eat different kinds of fruit like apple, pears, banana and oranges.  The children were able to describe the fruit, their shapes and colour.  Later they were able to cut all the fruit while the teacher dis some orange juice.  In a bowl the children mixed all the fruit to make a salad.  They each took a portion using the orange crust as a bowl.  The activity was successful and all their children ate their fruit salad and drank their yummy healthy orange juice!

x x

It’s Election Time!

Election fever has been on since our headmaster launched both the EkoSkola and the Student Council elections a couple of weeks ago.  Prospective committee members presented themselves as candidates and have been preparing colourful posters and putting them on display on the boards in our corridors.  Needless to say, posters were meant to be made out of recycled material.  Now today we had the proper voting for the EkoSkola Committee.  Everyone was asked to cast his vote for this election.  EkoSkola has been going on at our school since 2007.  We take this project very seriously and the election for the committee is always a hot issue at our school.  The past three committees have all succeeded to win the prestigeous Green Flag.  Now it is up to the new committee to work hard so that the good work is carried on.

As regards the Student Council, this was set up a couple of years ago and its main function is to act as a bridge between the students and the school administration.  The Council also organizes some activities with a charitable aim.  Last year everyone collected stationery items for the children in Peru.  Now it will be up to the new committee to come up with some bright idea regarding this year’s activities.  An important annual activity is our school’s participation in the Maratona bir-Roti, which is held by our College during the second term.

We are all looking forward for next Monday. Then our headmaster will announce the EkoSkola election results. Then it will be the turn of the Students’ Council election.  It is due to be held on Wednesday 6th November.  Immediately afterwards the new committees will set sail on their new journeys.

Kinder Classes

Painting is fun!

One favourite activity with the K1.1 class is painting … have a look at the different activities they did, while exploring different colours and using different resources, and why not even recycling stuff 😉

xxxxx xxxxx

Painting a train
Using empty rolls of toilet paper

Messy time over
All painting is done
Helping each other
Because that’s what friends are for!

Shoes off, socks off
Foot printing here we go!

xx xx xx