The meaning of Friendship

On Friday 25th October all the school gathered in the Hall for the school gathering that was animated by the Year 4 classroom under the guidance of the class teacher Ms Matthia and the class LSA Ms Rebecca.  A sweet assembly was put up, during which the year 4 class sang two songs and put in some actions to the songs too.  Wise words about the meaning of true friendship were also shared with all those present.  The world would surely be a better place if we all learn to be true friends. May we all remember that no man is an island and we all need a supporting shoulder and who is best to offer that than a true and loyal friend.

Resources used for this assembly:

Video from YouTube The More We Get Together – A  song that teaches us that doing things together as a group is bound to make us happy

Script with wise words about the meaning of true friendship A Good Friend

Video from YouTube Count on Me – A song that teaches us that friendship is all about having that special person to count no matter how hard the situation may be