A Farmyard with the Year 2 class

On Friday 15th November, the Year 2 childrend performed a short play entitled “The Lion’s Dinner”.  They all represented different animals namely, chickens, sheep, ducks, horses, cows and obviously a lion.  The children enjoyed preparing for this assembly as much as performing it.

This is a play about a lion who visits a farmyard.  The farmyard animals try to share their food with him, but he refuses.  The play takes place in a familiar setting.  Easy, patterned language is used and there is predictable structure.  The play is part of the Rigby Star Guided series.  Clearly, reading can captivated the children’s imagination and ultimately strengthens the idea that reading is fun!

Click here to view the script used for the play “The Lion’s Dinner” adapted from the book with the same name from the Rigby Star: Guided Reading Pack.

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