We learn all this … and it’s fun!

This scholastic year saw the introduction of subject teaching in the primary years.  The Year 3 class was inspired by this for their Special Assembly which was held on Friday the 22nd November 2013.

Each child had a small message to read about a different subject that is taught.  A video mixage was assembled as an introduction to the different subjects and the presentation concluded with a small dance that got the pupils moving just like on would do during a PE lesson.  The song chosen was very catchy and was enjoyed by one and all as everyone was clapping to the beat.

Resources used:

Read the messages read by the pupils

Follow the video from YouTube that the pupils danced along to

A big well done to all involved and thanks to Ms Rita, Ms Maria and Ms Marouska for their dedication in preparing this informative assembly.

School Events

Laqgħa informattiva għall-ġenituri

Nhar il-Ħamis 21 ta’ Novembru saret laqgħa għall-ġenituri tat-tfal tal-Year 1. F’din it-taħdita il-ġenituri / kuraturi ingħataw informazzjoni prattika dwar kif jistgħu jgħinu lit-tfal jaqraw u jitħaddtu dwar kotba varji.

Huma ingħataw ukoll ħjiel ta’ kif jistgħu jgħinu lit-tfal fit-taħriġ fonoloġiku u kif it-tfal qegħdin jitħarrġu sabiex jibdew jaqraw l-ewwel kliem u sentenzi tagħhom.

Kien pjaċir naraw numru ta’ ġenituri li attendew il-laqgħa.  Nappellaw sabiex meta jkun hemm laqgħat għall-ġenituri tikkonkorru għalihom sabiex titħarrġu f’dak li qed isir ma’ wliedkom.

School Events

Say Cheese!

May we remind you all that on Friday 22nd November 2013 all classes are to come in their full uniform for the Class Photos.  Girls’ hair is to be pulled back neatly and no fancy hairstyles for boys please!

Those of you who would like to have a copy of the class photo are kindly asked to settle the payment with the class teacher.  Price: €1.


We would like to take the opportunity to thank Ms Jane Farrugia who takes these photos in a very professional way.


A Teacher’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

Please bless always my Vocation

In this harvest of Education.

At times the students are a handful

And for me it can be hard and painful

But I know You are there by my side;

I pluck up courage, I take it in my stride

Maths, English, Maltese, Religion……

Their holistic education is my mission

I feel honoured that I am a Teacher

Like You here on earth as a Preacher

I just want to be Your tool

To prepare them for life when they leave school…

Thank you Lord for this honour you give me

With You near me I will continue doing my best……Willingly……..

Rita Tabone

School Clerk at SGPC Floriana Primary

Assemblies Class activities

A Farmyard with the Year 2 class

On Friday 15th November, the Year 2 childrend performed a short play entitled “The Lion’s Dinner”.  They all represented different animals namely, chickens, sheep, ducks, horses, cows and obviously a lion.  The children enjoyed preparing for this assembly as much as performing it.

This is a play about a lion who visits a farmyard.  The farmyard animals try to share their food with him, but he refuses.  The play takes place in a familiar setting.  Easy, patterned language is used and there is predictable structure.  The play is part of the Rigby Star Guided series.  Clearly, reading can captivated the children’s imagination and ultimately strengthens the idea that reading is fun!

Click here to view the script used for the play “The Lion’s Dinner” adapted from the book with the same name from the Rigby Star: Guided Reading Pack.