When I grow up ….

On Friday 24th January 2014 the Year 5 were on stage to conclude Careers’ Day organised at school with the help of some member of the College Staff.  After a short video about careers taken from YouTube the Year 5 pupils shared with the audience gathered their future career aspirations.  After a video about different professions was shown.  To conclude this assembly Mr Miceli, Head of School at SGPC Floriana Primary introduced Mr Keith Demicoli to the audience.  Mr Demicoli, a well-known news broadcaster shared with the pupils his experience at school and how his aspirations for his own future took shape.  The Year 5 pupils were given the opportunity to ask Keith questions pertaining to his career.  Keith enthusiastically answered their questions and kept reminding the pupils about the importance of schooling and that a positive change of attitude towards school and learning is never too late.

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