It’s Carnival Time!

It is Carnival time; the time before the 40 days of Lent. It was introduced in Malta by the Knights of Saint John and has, since then, been established as a time of general merrimaking and an artistic event full of colours and general fun. It is one of the main cultural events in the Maltese calendar, full of tradition that dates back more than 500 years. Carnival’s main activities are held in both Valletta and Floriana, as well as at Nadur in Gozo. Such activities attract not only the general public, but also a large number of tourists that literally invade such localities to experience such a unique multi-cultural event.

Carnival at our school was celebrated on Friday 28th February. Everyone came to school dressed in colourful costumes. After a special assembly, there was time for delicious and healthy food and carnival goodies. All danced merrily and jumped and hopped about to the happy tune of the carnival song and other popular tunes. Commemorative photos were taken.

Resources Used:

A PowerPoint Presentation created by Mr Stephen Miceli, Head of School

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