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PARENTS’ DAY – Friday 7th March

All teachers are ready from their corrections and exam results are ready to be given out to all the parents. Parents’ Day is an other occasion where teachers and parents can discuss the children’s performance at school, the results that were obtained in exams and other topics related to education.

Needless to say, the most powerful bond is the bond between parents and their children and so the parents’ commitment towards their children and their responsibilities towards their education are to be promoted at our school. Unfortunately at the moment, our country is struggling with many effects of family breakdown, violence and other critical problems. Unfortunately our locality is not an exception. This is why at school we have to provide an opportunity to recognize and promote parenting as a crucial vocation.  We did this on many an occasion. In January, for example, we organized the short course of parental skills. Other meetings are held on a regular basis, even though attandance leaves much to be desired. Parents and Teachers are to work together in order to  nurture and develop the child into a complete human being.

Appointments have been given and are to be adhered to as much as possible.

KINDER 1.1  :  Ms Anna Borg – Ms Kristine Magro

KINDER 1.2  :  Ms Audrey Chetcuti

KINDER 2.1  :  Ms Margaret Bartolo – Ms Erica Farrugia

KINDER 2.2  :  Ms Jolene Mizzi – Ms Therese Fenech Denono & Ms Raisa Mercieca

YEAR 1  :  Ms Annalise Briffa – Ms Liandra Caruana & Ms Francesca Portelli

YEAR 2  :  Ms Grace Attard

YEAR 3  :  Ms Rita Aquilina – Ms Maruska Bezzina & Ms Maria Cauchi

YEAR 4  :  Ms Matthia Gracey – Ms Rebecca Mercieca

YEAR 5  :  Ms Theresa Muscat – Ms Monique Borg

YEAR 6  :  Ms Miriam Chetcuti – Ms Josianne Magri & Ms Janette Said


NURTURE CLASS  :  Ms Brenda Cefai

Rain rain go away … rainbow is here!

Friday 21st February saw the Year 3 class on stage. A sweet assembly was put up by the children with the help of Ms Rita Aquilina the class teacher together with Ms Maria and Ms Marouska the class LSAs.  The topic chosen related to the weather we were having over the last days.  The children represented the different colours of the rainbow and linked the colours to different fruits.  The pupils sang two songs related to the rain and the rainbow and we all applauded them and hoped for a nice sunny weekend! 🙂

Resources used:

Rain, Rain Go Away – video from YouTube

The Rainbow Song – video from YouTube

Toys, toys and more toys!

On Friday the 21st of February, the Year 1 class had to prepare their special assembly. One of the topics covered in the Year 1 was the topic of toys. The children really liked this topic and in fact, they all knew the names of various toys, both in Maltese and in English. So, they all had fun doing their special assembly related to toys. The children had the opportunity to bring their own toys from home. They all had different toys, such as dolls, trains, cars, planes and guitars. Using their own toys, the children sang two different songs and they concluded their assembly by dancing a song shown in the film ‘Toy Story’. They all showed what they have learnt and at the same time had fun!

Reading … some tips!

It’s all about how we move!

The month of February saw Ms Audrey’s class of three year olds develop  the theme Transport.

The children were taught to identify the  different types of transport be it different means of land transportation, water transportation and air transportation. The class busily worked on different colouring and mobiles, they also put up a fuel pump and a zebra crossing and pelican lights. All these were created using recycled material.

Cooking is an activity that the little ones truly enjoy and thanks to Ms Audrey’s creativity and help the pupils prepared Hot-dog racing cars and Jelly boats!

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