Daily Archive for April 1st, 2014


No one knows for certain how the month of April got its name, but it may have come from the Latin word ‘aprire’ which means ‘to open’. April is, after all, the month when flower buds begin to open and things start to grow again after the winter. April starts with April Fools Day. It is a day of fun and jokes.  No one really knows when this custom began but it has been kept for hundreds of years.

The first of April, some do say,

Is set apart for All Fools Day,

But why the people call it so,

Not I, nor they themselves do know.

There are other feast days in the month of April, such as that of Saint Bernadette Soubirous, the little girl who saw Our Lady in the grotto of Lourdes in France. Her feast day is on April the 16th. Then there is Saint George’s day on April 23rd. Saint George is the patron saint of England. However the most important festivity of this month is the commemoration of Jesus’s Death and Resurrection.  Goodness knows how many easter eggs and figolli we will be eating!

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Saint Bernardette Saint George The Risen Lord