Daily Archive for April 11th, 2014

Our Lady of Sorrows

At our school, this feast is celebrated with special devotion. From days before, Ms. Anna Caruana, our school’s caretaker prepares the statue of Our Lady in the school’s entrance.  The statue is beautifully adorned with flowers and candles. After having had the Lenten Sermons and the Sacrament of Reconciliation at school, today it is the time for Holy Mass. Some parents joined in as well for this celebration. Special prayers and poems were read. A special moment was when we all listened carefully to the singing of the Ave Maria. Then, later in the afternoon, we all gathered in the school entrance and we prayed the Rosary together.

This feast reminded us of Jesus’  final gift from on the cross: when he asked his mother to take care of all humanity.

Holy Week

Holy Week starts with Palm Sunday.  This day reminds us of when Jesus decided to go to the city of Jerusalem.

He was riding on a donkey and the people greeted him with palms and olive branches. They wanted to make him their king.

On Thursday we celebrate Maundy Thursday. This day reminds us of when Jesus ate his last supper with his friends. During this special meal, Jesus washed his friends’ feet  He did this to show them that we are to help and serve each other.

Good Friday is the commemoration of when Jesus was put to death on the.cross. It is very sad to see Jesus dying in such an aweful way!

Then on Sunday everybody becomes happy again as Jesus rises from death and comes back to life. once again. Easter is the most important feast day as it reminds us that Jesus was no ordinary person. He is God!