We love Easter!

As Easter is fast approaching the K1.2 class with Ms Audrey were very busy working on various crafts for the festivities.   Crafts featuring bunnies and chicks and eggs were a must, however the true reason for the celebration can’t be forgotten.  The love for Our Lady that suffered so much when her very own son was hanged on the cross was also remembered as we would have no reason to celebrate if Jesus hadn’t shown His love for us all by dying on the cross and then saving us all with His resurrection.

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Our Lady of Sorrows Crafts Orange Bunnies everywhere! Easter  Bunnies and Chicks Crafts

So remember:

Easter isn’t at all about Easter bunnies and Easter eggs as such, though these things are nice to have at Easter time. I’ve heard it said that the Easter egg represents ‘new life’ – as a chicken hatches from an egg. It is okay to enjoy chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs at Easter time, but let us not forget the real meaning of Easter.

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  • Easter is a wonderful feast. It reminds us of Jesus and how much he loves us. He died on the cross but was alive again in a couple of days! Isn’t it wonderful news? Jesus springs back to life; just like all the nature that is all around us. After the dark and cold winter days, now all the new flowers start to grow again, the female animals have their new babies and the trees are full of beautiful fresh leaves and blossoms.
    I take this opportunity to wish a very happy Easter to all.

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