Daily Archive for June 1st, 2014

June is finally here!

Hurray, it’s almost Summer and half days have started. June is the sixth month of the year and the one that has most sunlight. Its name comes from the goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter.

In Malta we hold a lot of important celebrations during this month. There is the National Holiday of Sette Giugno, Fathers’ Day and the traditional feast of L-Imnarja. Apart from these there are village festas which are celebrated every Sunday.

Summer starts on the 21st. It is now time for a lot of outdoor living, delicious mouthwatering summer fruits and food; and pleasant days by the sea.  We all have to be careful and avoid staying in the sun for a lot of time. During the last week it is examination time. Then everybody will be off to enjoy the summer holidays. It is adieu to some and arrivederci to others!