Daily Archive for June 11th, 2014

Get Ready for Your Future!

One summer’s day, a merry Grasshopper was dancing, singing and playing his violin with all his heart. He saw an Ant passing by,carrying an ear of wheat to store for the winter.  “Come and sing with me instead of working so hard”, said the Grasshopper “Let’s have fun together.”

“I must store food for the winter”, said the Ant, “and I advise you to do the same.”  “Don’t worry about winter, it’s still very far away”, said the Grasshopper, laughing at him. But the Ant wouldn’t listen and continued his work.

When the winter came, the hungry Grasshopper went to the Ant’s house and humbly begged for something to eat.  “If you had listened to my advice in the summer you would not now be in need,” said the Ant. “I’m afraid you will have to go supperless to bed,” and he closed the door.This is another famous fable that was written by Aesop. It teaches us that it is better to work and prepare ourselves for the future rather than wasting our time doing nothing important.

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