IMNARJA – the feast of light

On the 29th of June we celebrate the feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. They are both considered to be very important saints and Princes of the Church. It is beleived that they met in Jerusalem, some years after Jesus’  resurrection and spent some days together. Saint Peter was one of the twelve apostles and Jesus had chosen him to become the first leader of the Church – the first Pope. Saint Paul was not one of the twelve apostles but he travelled a lot and spread the story of Jesus wherever he went. Saint Paul came to Malta in the year 60 AD when he was on his way to Rome where he was beheaded.

In Malta this feast is called l-Imnarja. The word Imnarja derives from Luminaria, which means light. In the olden days they used to decorate the Mdina Cathedral and the surrounding bastions with fire torches and other lights. Apart from the festivities at Mdina and Nadur, there are various folkloristic activities, such as folk singing, dancing and traditional food, which are held at Rabat and Buskett.

xxxxxxxxxx Saint Peter and Saint Paul xxxxxxxxxx


29 th June