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Advent – 1st Sunday

30th November – Advent 1

Getting Ready for Jesus


The wonderful Christmas story, which is so familiar with us all, was in reality many centuries in the making. God made use of his prophets to foretell how He intended to bring his beloved son into the world. Isaiah was one of these ancient prophets.  Prophet Isaiah lived many many years before the birth of Jesus. In fact he lived about 800 years before Jesus. However, his connection to the story of Jesus is very strong at this time of the Advent and the Christmas seasons.  His name means God is the one who saves. He is the prophet who wrote a lot of stories about hope and new beginnings.  He wrote about the fortcoming birth of a new king who will become the prince of peace and a wonderful councillor.  He was foretelling the birth of Jesus Christ. When Jesus was born in Betlehem, the story that prophet Isaiah had written so many years before became true.

The Lord himself shall give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Emmanuel.


Advent is the time when we prepare to welcome Jesus Christ.

1. Jesus who came as a baby in a manger.

2. Jesus who comes into our lives each day.

3. Jesus who will come again at the end of time.

Advent is the time when we can get confused as it is meant to be a time of sacrifice but everyone is already enjoying the festive spirit. The church calls people to focus on getting ready to receive Christ, preparing our hearts and lives to make room for Jesus, to live as he would like us to live. It is a time of longing, not fulfillment. Quiet reflection, not celebration. The world, however, is already in a time of festivity, unable or unwilling, to wait and contemplate and prepare for the real festival. It is not easy to observe Advent without being pulled prematurely into Christmas.

A popular tradition that has become part of our liturgy is the decoration of the Advent wreath in churches, as well as in schools and homes. The tradition started in the Scandinavian countries, were they experience very short days and long dark nights, and so they bring all their farming equipment inside their homes for the winter months. Some of the people started to decorate the wheel of their carts with green bows and then attached candles to them. The idea developed to introduce a similar custom in churches, with the four candles to symbolize the 4 Sundays of Advent. Three purple candles and a pink candle are lit on the Sundays, respectively for the colour of the vestment the priest. On the third Sunday a pink vestment is used to symbolize joy. Some churches leave the Advent wreath throughout the Christmas season and add a white candle for Christmas.

Yummy Yummy Honey Rings

Once again we kindly ask you to support our school in order to raise some funds. As in previous years, the School Council is selling the traditional christmas honey rings as a fund raising activity. Please allow us to encourage you to take part in this activity by ordering one or two honey rings. Honey rings are not just delicious but they also make great presents and the children would like to give them to their grandparents and relatives. A sizable honey ring is selling for just 50c. For €1 you’ll get a big one. Kindly place your order with the class teachers. Orders and payments are to be made till Friday 12th December.

Year 2 – Special Assemblies

You are all invited to attend the Special Assembly at school.

Date: 28th November 2014

Time: 13:30

On Stage: Year 2

Tappijiet, tappijiet u aktar tappijiet!

Ta’ kull filgħodu xi tifel jew tifla jiġi sal-uffiċju u jħalli xi borża jew tnejn mimlija tappjiet.  Tappijiet tal-plastik li, li kieku ma niġbruhomx jintremew ma’ skart ieħor … jew kif aħna nittamaw kieku jintremew mal-affarijiet tal-plastik għar-riċiklaġġ!

Imma fl-iskola Primarja tal-Furjana t-tfal huma mħeġġa biex tappijiet tal-plastic li jkunu se jintremew, minflok iġibuhom l-iskola.  Dawn niġbruhom sabiex jinġabru mill-GreenPak u dawn jieħduhom huma għar-riċiklaġġ u għall-kull kilo tappijiet tal-plastik tingħata donazzjoni lill-Istrina.  Mela mhux biss qed ngħinu l-ambjent li ngħixu fih billi nirriċiklaw iżda wkoll qed ngħinu lill-Istrina.

Ta’ min jgħid li allavolja aħna skola żgħira l-impenn ta’ kulħadd jinħass bi sħiħ.  Din is-sena diġa ġew tal-GreenPak u ġabru numru sabiħ ta’ boroz kbar … tafu kemm? Inġabru 69 borza u t-tappijiet baqgħu ġejjin.  Sa qabel ma nieqfu bil-btajjel tal-Milied tal-GreenPak għandhom jerġgħu jiġu biex jiġbru xi tappijiet oħra li nkunu ġbarna.

Ma nistgħux ma nsemmux li l-għarfien li qed inqajmu ġewwa l-iskola qiegħed jinfirex fil-komunita tal-Furjana għax mhux l-ewwel darba li ġabulna xi tappijiet minn postijiet barra mill-iskola.  Għalhekk inħeġġu lil kulħadd biex inġibu aktar u aktar tappijiet!

Agħfas fuq ir-ritratt t’hawn fuq sabiex tara aktar ritratti.