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Our New School Council

The new School Council which came into effect as from Friday 23rd January 2015 is made up of these members:

School Council President Ms. Davina Sammut Hili
Secretary/Treasurer Mr. Stephen Miceli
Teachers’ Representatives Ms. Anna Borg
Ms. Maria Cauchi
Ms. Theresa Muscat
Parents’ Representatives Ms. Daniela Camilleri
Ms. Marlene Miceli
Ms. Lucienne Piscopo
Co-Opted Member Ms. Christine Cachia Enriquez

This Council stays into office till the end of December 2016.  The first meeting is scheduled for Monday 2nd February 2015. We take this opportunity to heartily thank the teachers and parents who formed part of the previous School Council. Let us all work together to make our school a wonderful place for all our children to be safe, happy and learn in a more enjoyable environment.