School Events

Are we really ready to serve others?

Jesus said He did not come to be served, but to serve, and He proved it when, in the upper room on the night of His arrest, He washed His disciples’ feet. In Jesus’ time, servants washed their masters’ feet at the end of the day.  People wore sandals all the time and walked most places so their feet were hot and dirty and tired.  Getting them washed probably felt really nice.  When Jesus washed his disciples’ feet, he was doing a job that servants did – not teachers or friends or important people. Why did Jesus do a servants’ job? God wants us all to take care of other people’s needs as well as our own – we are supposed to love others as we love ourselves.

That means thinking about other people and finding ways to help them live happy, healthy lives. If everyone behaves as a servant to others, everyone would take care of each other.  Do you think that would be a good world to live in? With this thought in mind and as part of our Easter celebrations at school, we had a special event during which our Head of School symbolically washed the feet of twelve boys and girls, two from each class at our school. The chosen twelve wore apostles’ costumes and were given books as a souvenir of this occasion. This was held in the school foyer on the 24th of March, in front of all the students and some parents.

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