Dinja Waħda EkoSkola School Events

Now it is Orange trees!

Planting a tree with our children can mean so much for all of us. It is always an opportunity to ‘put something back’ into the environment and encourage birds, insects and other creatures into our habitat. Floriana is full of wonderful gardens and this leads us to have tree planting ceremonies very often. The gardens are veritable wonderlands for our young children, with all manner of natural processes to watch, observe and delight in, from wildlife and wild flowers through to life cycles and growing patterns. And as children are naturally curious about how things grow and evolve, it’s never too early to get them digging and planting. Encouraging an interest in the environment through sowing seeds and cuttings is a fun and educational activity – and one that has wide reaching benefits.

Trees are often planted to commemorate something or someone. Another tree planting ceremony was held on the 23rd of March to commemorate the beginning of Spring. In January we had the planting of an Oak tree at the Argotti Garden. Now we planted 6 orange trees at Saint Philip’s Garden. This time the activity was possible thanks to the special sponsorship from ST Electronics who were kind enough to provide us with thr saplings. Personnel from this Company were also present for this event. This is EkoSkola’s step of involving the outside community in full force and another initiative to take care of our Dinja Waħda.

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