Our Lady of Sorrows

We are approaching Easter – the most important feast of all!  It is the feast when all Christians remember how Our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross and then came alive again on Easter morning! In Malta we have a special devotion towards the seven sorrows of Our Lady. It is said that there were seven episodes in her life during which she suffered a lot. Without any doubt, our Lady suffered a lot when she was witnessing the cruel way to which her son was being put to death.  This difficult episode in her life causes all of us to love Our Lady even more than usual.  It is as if we feel duty bound to assist her and be at her side at this moment!  At our school we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows with Holy Mass and the recitation of the Holy Rosary with our teachers and some parents.  Then, in the evening, most of us make it a point to take part in the procession with the statue of the Madonna.  At school we also put up a special place for the statue of Our Lady which is decorated with candles and flowers as a sign of our love and prayer towards her.