Monthly Archive for September, 2015

The Tree of the Month

An Introduction

Last year we had information about some of the birds that we can see in Malta. Now we have decided to give you some information about some indigenous trees that are found in our country. Due to Malta’s relatively small surface area and the intense human pressure for land, both rare and common indigenous trees urgently need to be protected. At least we should give them our attention and make sure not to cause any unnecessary damage to them. This information was gathered from “Flora u Fawna ta’ Malta” by Joe Sultana and “Flora of the Maltese Islands – A Field Guide” by Hans Christian Weber and Bernd Kendzior.

So we urge you all to keep on the look out for these monthly posts and to do your utmost to protect our beloved trees! 🙂

Head of School Message 2015-16

Welcome back to what, I hope, will prove to be yet another positive educational experience, full of challenges, nurturing positive personal relationships and the growth of each student in a sense of confidence and motivation.  At our school we all believe that the most effective school environment is the combination of place, purpose and people. All learning happens through and with these three factors that have to work together.  The physical structure that forms the school, the authenticity of the tasks that the students are asked to perform and the people: members of Staff and classmates are all focus points that are central to a level of education that we are all striving to achieve. We should all learn to love and love to learn.  With this spirit in our hearts and minds, at Floriana Primary School we work together as a team to help cultivate the God-given gifts and talents within each and every one of us,  in all areas, including the academic, the social-emotional, the spiritual, the artistic, and the physical aspects of human development.

Stephen Miceli
Head of School

Meetings for Parents/Carers

Wednesday 30th September xx Kindergarten xx 11.00
Monday 12th October Year 4 08.45
Monday 12th October Year 5 09.30
Monday 12th October Year 6 10.30
Tuesday 13th October Year 1 08.45
Tuesday 13th October Year 2 09.45
Tuesday 13th October Year 3 10.30

My Dream About School

Dear students, the summer has ended.

The school year at last has begun.

But this year is totally different.

I promise we’ll only have fun!

We won’t have any mathematics,

And break will last all day long.

Instead of the morning assembly,

We’ll belt out a rock-and-roll song.

We’ll only play games in the classroom.

You’re welcome to bring in your toys.

It’s okay to run in the corridors:

It’s great to make lots of noise.

For homework, you’ll play every day.

You’ll have to watch lots of T.V.

For outings we’ll go to the movies

And get lots of sweets for free!

For lunch we’ll only have chocolate

And triple fudge sundaes supreme.

Yes, that’s what I heard from my teacher

Before I woke up from my dream!

This is all I was thinking before I awoke…

Mind you…this is just a big silly joke!

New School Food and Beverage Policy

The Department of Student Services within the Directorate for Educational Services has introduced its School Food and Beverage Policy that includes nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in schools. This policy forms part of the broader policy Respect for All, The policy applies to food and beverages:

  • in all venues on school property
  • through all programmes, including the Breakfast Club; and
  • at all events on school property.

The nutrition standards also apply to lunches or snacks that are brought from home. This is part of a national effort to develop healthier learning environments and improve student achievement since research has shown that children who eat a healthy diet are more ready to learn and more likely to be successful in school.  During Summer 2015 the school administration has worked to have a friendlier version of the policy, a copy of which was sent to all families together with the first circular for scholastic year 2015 2016.