Special Assembly Year 5

The children in the year 5 class, with guidance from Ms Theresa, Ms Rebecca and Ms Janette took part in a special assembly having the theme of friendship on Friday 16th October. This assembly consisted of a short play were the children mimed acts of friendship like helping the physically injured, the lonely and the sad. The song “You can count on me” by Bruno Mars was playing in the background as the children played their various parts. The lyrics of this song are a perfect example of what friendship is all about.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbAUzcuvVYc

The theme of friendship has featured in many classroom discussions since the beginning of the year, and so it seemed only natural to set friendship as the theme of our special assembly. Friendship is also the overall theme of our classroom noticeboard.


Click on the picture above to see more snapshots of this event.

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  • Well done Year 5! I really enjoyed it. May the words of this song serve as a good model for your actions all through this year and always.

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