The Story of the Shepherds

At that time, shepherds were seen as people of little value. The sheep that they bred would have probably been used for sacrifice in the temple in near-by Jerusalem. They were quietly getting on with their own business when suddenly an angel appeared to them. The angel told them about Jesus and his amazing birth. The angels sang beautiful songs.  Being quite  curious about what the angels had told them, the shepherds went down into Bethlehem, maybe leaving a shepherd or two behind to keep guard on the sheep. The shepherds probably found Joseph, Mary and Jesus with the help of local women, running errands in the busy town. When they had found the place and told Mary and Joseph what had happened to them, the shepherds began glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen. Then many people got to know about this amazing birth – they were the people they met on the way back to the hills, their friends and relatives in Bethlehem and Jerusalem and the people they met in the temple where they took their sheep to be sold.

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