Monthly Archive for February, 2016

Maths Day – Year 1, 2 and 3 – Maths in an enjoyable Way!

On Tuesday 23rd February a Maths day for years 1, 2 and 3 was organised at school.  During this activity students worked in very small groups and moved from one station to another.  There were six stations all focusing on different Maths Strands:

Station 1 – Students used the bee bot to practice directions.  Students had to programme the bee bot to make it move in different directions

Station 2 – Students played bingo!  But not ordinary bingo, students had to find one more or one less than the number shown

Station 3 – Students played dominoes, shape dominoes

Station 4 – students listened to a story called ‘When the doorbell rang’, but they also did lots of Maths as during the story they had to share biscuits amongst different children

Station 5 – Students used playdough to reinforce length – shorter, taller, longer

Station 6 – Students played a memory game using the clock

During all these activities students were enjoying themselves, playing games through hands on activities but lots of learning was taking place.   Hands on is minds on, busy hands busy minds.  Hands-on activities let the students’ minds grow and learn based on the experiences and the environment they are exposed to.

Ejjew magħna …

It’s a Fruity Butterfly!

Ms Margaret`s Kinder 2 class made a healthy fruity activity.  The children created a butterfly with fruit kebabs.  Children were asked to get a fruit each. They all cut and counted the pieces of their fruit. Later they shared them with all the class to make the kebabs. The children discussed the colours, shapes and sizes of the fruit. Then they created the fruity butterfly.  They loved doing this activity but they loved eating their kebabs more. The children also discussed the different tastes of fruit and the teacher reminded them that they need to eat fruit every day.

Valentine’s Day

Valentines, valentines
Red, white and blue
I’ll make a nice one
And send it to you.

Although no one knows for sure the exact origin of Valentine’s Day it is believed that it started in the Roman Empire around 270 AD when Claudius II was the emperor. During times of war Claudius did not want men to get married because he believed it made them weak and so they will not be good soldiers.  It is said that Bishop Valentine performed secret wedding ceremonies so men could marry their sweethearts. Bishop Valentine got in big trouble for performing these marriage ceremonies and was sent to jail. While in jail Bishop Valentine wrote a letter to the jailer’s daughter and signed it from your Valentine. Bishop Valentine was put to death for his crime on February 14th.

Why is the colour red the symbol of Valentine’s Day? Red is the colour of blood.  It was once believed that the heart is that part of the body that the feeling of love comes from. King Henry VII of England declared St. Valentine’s Day a holiday in 1537.

Love Reflected in Sunlight

Valentine’s Day is a loving occasion for all. Our little ones opened their hearts and showed their affection towards the ones that bring sunlight into their lives. Both the K2 classes made a beautiful sun catcher heart. They coloured a heart frame and decorated it with beautiful colours of tissue paper. The children were very excited to show their parents what they had created for them. It was an unforgettable loving moment for both parents and children alike.

Happy Valentine’s Day!