Shine little Sunflowers

On a warm and slightly cloudy day, last May, the children of the kindergarten classes had the lovely opportunity of visiting a very pleasant farm in Manikata. The children enjoyed every moment, seeing the different animals, especially when they had a chance to feed the beautiful white pigeons and sheep!

Before waving a very reluctant goodbye, each student was happily given a pot, already filled with sunflower seeds. The children couldn’t wait to see their sunflowers growing and blooming. So, after only a few days, a very fun school activity was created to make these little wishes come true.

All of the children planted their sunflower seeds in the small garden area in our school ground. This way, they would have the greatest pleasure of seeing each and every one of their sunflowers growing and beautifying the school’s surroundings.

Flowers are the sunshine that spreads its yellow wings from down under the earth, and what better way to shine our school than with fresh golden sunflowers planted by little angels of the earth?

Ms.Jolene and Ms.Raisa

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