Daily Archive for October 15th, 2016

All About Me

The children started off the activity by listening to a nursery rhyme ‘Eyes Nose Mouth and Ears’. Then they were engaged in a discussion where they had to count body parts such as eyes, nose, ears, fingers, mouth, head, etc.  After the discussion the activity was scaffolded to a painting activity during which the children had to paint themselves on a large piece of paper.


  • Taking turns to listen to each other during discussion time, and also taking turns to paint ourselves.
  • Hand and eye co- ordination whilst singing and pointing to the mentioned body parts on their own bodies.
  • Engaging creativity when painting themselves.
  • Numeracy took place when counting body parts ranging from 1 nose and mouth to 10 fingers and 10 toes.

This was an activity that the children really enjoyed and the vocabulary learnt relating to the different body parts is also reinforced daily during our assembly in the school foyeur through different songs and rhymes we sing as a whole group.

Ms Jolene