Monthly Archive for December, 2016

Christmas Novena – Day 9 – 24th December

His birth was humble, His death was tragic,
But the rest of His story was more than magic.
Though buried on Earth, He rose up to the sky
As our Lord in Heaven, never more to die.

Christmas Novena – Day 8 – 23rd December

When the wise men came, they entered the house,
Found Jesus, Joseph and Mary, his spouse.
Presented their gifts, most precious we’re told
Frankincense, myrrh and a casket of gold.

Christmas Novena – Day 7 – 21st December

Some wise men came from far away
With gifts for a king they wished to convey.
They called with Herod – an evil king
But rival monarchs were not his thing!

Christmas Novena – Day 6 – 20th December

When the shepherds got there, this they found
A babe in a manger and straw on the ground.
Maybe they wondered, it’s obvious since
He didn’t look much like a royal prince!

Christmas Novena – Day 5 – 19th December

An angel came to shepherds that night.
It’s not surprising – they were filled with fright
“No need,” said he, “for such behaviour,
‘Cause tonight for you is born a Saviour!”