Monthly Archive for January, 2017

Make way for the Dinos!

Dinosaurs has been our main theme for class for these last few weeks. It is a particularly interesting subject that entwines nature and fantasy which are both always very popular topics with children. This theme was received very well by the students of the class K1.1. They very much enjoyed the cooking activity that was organised and which involved making beautiful beastly dinosaur paws! They looked so authentic that none of the children could keep their eyes (or hands!) off them! They were simply done by moulding the right amount of pastry with some flour and adding almonds on the edges to create the illusion of a dinosaur’s nails. Apart from this, many other different types of dinosaur crafts were done in class and most importantly, the children got to go home for the weekend with a dinosaur headband and a pair of big dinosaur hands to wear. It was the greatest reward seeing them all happy and eager waiting for their parents to see them. It was a great time for everyone thanks to beautiful dinosaur activities and ideas.

Ms.Audrey Chetcuti
Ms.Raisa G. Mercieca

Class K1.1

Dressing Up

Ms Margaret`s class did a dress up activity about the topic clothes. The children discussed different occupations and different uniforms. Later they all dressed up and pretended to be firemen, policemen, builders, hairdressers and doctors.  They enjoyed themselves wearing different clothes. It was a very interesting activity in which the children involved themselves well while pretending to be someone else.

Watch us eat!


  • I should pray and wash my hands before I eat.
  • I should put a napkin, a glass to drink, a fork and a spoon on the table.
  • I should eat with my mouth closed and drink quietly.
  • I would place the napkin on my lap.
  • I should wipe my mouth with a napkin.
  • I would put the chair in its place.
  • I would wash the dirty dishes.


  • You should pray and wash your hands before you eat.
  • You should put plates, napkins, forks and knives on the table.
  • You should eat and drink slowly.
  • After you eat and drink, you have to wipe your mouth with a napkin.
  • After you eat, you want to clear the table.
  • When you finish eating, you should put the chair in its place.
  • You should fill the sink with water and liquid soap and wash all the dishes.



Monsters have invaded!

This week’s topic for Ms. Audrey’s children was Monsters. One of their activities was to help them develop their PINCER grip. During an activity with plasticine, the children were given spaghetti and they had to put thin and wider pasta through it. xx The other activity was forming monsters out of plasticine and pasta.