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The European School Sport Day (ESSD) is a school day dedicated to having fun, playing together and promoting physical activity and health for everyone. Our school, embedding such an ethos as part of its philosophy, has been an ESSD since last year.  Every year, towards the start of the new scholastic year, it takes part in this European celebration which provides a lot of opportunites for the school.

The European School Sports Day was held at our school on Friday 29th September 2017.  All the students turned up in their PE kits and all took part in various sports activities in our school yard.  The space was divided into different stations in which the students took an active role and enjoyed themselves whilst keeping in mind that health and wellbeing are very important for them.  This 120 minute activity was held with the collaboration of the Kunsill Malti tal-Isports and the direct involvement of coach Mr. Ludvic Bartolo.

During such events the students learnt:

  1. To raise the profile of physical education (PE) and school sport
  2. To create fun and enjoyment through physical activity initiatives for young people
  3. To promote health and wellbeing for lifelong learning
  4. To foster social inclusion and develop social competences among their students.

The European School Sport Day is inspired by the Hungarian School Sport Day; an event which has been organised by the Hungarian School Sport Federation for the last 10 years.