FLORIANA PRIMARY SCHOOL taking part in the kreattiv project

Towards the end of the last scholastic year, our school was approached by Ms Claire Massa, HOD for Music, and invited to apply for the Kreattiv Project.  The application was sent and the chosen topic was The Sea – to co-incide with our EkoSkola theme for the forthcoming two years.  A detailed programme of events was set during which the students will be receiving knowledge and learning more through the creative arts: dance, art, music, drama and creative writing.  The students will be taking part in talks, discussions and workshops related to the chosen topic and then they will be sharing their knowledge and ideas not just with their parents but with the other members of the local community as well.  Various well known local personalities have been invited for this Project. To name just some there are:  Professor Alan Deidun, Ms. Liliana Fleri Soler, Dr. Timothy Gambin, Mr. Luke Baldacchino, Moreorless Theatre and Zfin Malta.  Students will also be visiting the Maritime Museum and Vittoriosa, Alka Ceramics, the National Acquarium and other places.  An exhibition with the kids’ work will be set up at school and a book with the writings, drawings and crafts will be published towards the end of the Project.  The application was accepted by the Arts Council and the school will be receiving funding to carry on with the proposed programme.

The general aim of the Project is to:

  • Initiate creative projects in classrooms, schools and colleges through collaborations between teachers, students and creative practitioners and, in so doing, to facilitate creative education as a key tool for holistic development.
  • Introduce children and young people to potential careers in the cultural and creative sector, through selected collaborations with higher educational institutions.
  • Embed cultural and creative entrepreneurship in schools as expressed in the National Cultural Policy.
  • Encourage collaboration between educational institutions, the culture and creative industries, and other relevant sectors such as science and technology.
  • Create employment opportunities for creative professionals.
  • Encourage creative collaborations amongst educational institutions, and partnerships with public and private cultural operators.

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