Spot the Jellyfish!

On Monday 6th November we hosted Profs. Alan Deidun from the University of Malta as part of our Kreattiv Project about “The Sea”.  Profs. Deidun, in his typical colourful manner,  explained to us the different types of jellyfish that are found in our waters.  We got to know that the most frequent and common one is the Mauve Stinger. This jellyfish can be very harmful as its sting is very painful.  There are also the Fried Egg Jellyfish, commonly known as the Qassata and the Portuguese Man o’ War.  Other jellyfish that are spotted in our waters are the Box Jellyfish, the Nomadic Jellyfish, the By the wind Sailor, the Comb Jellies, the Cigar Jellyfish, the Moon Jellyfish, the Sea Lung, the Blue Button and the Crystal Jellyfish.  Some give only a mild sting and others do not sting at all.  The best way to treat a jellyfish sting is by washing it with sea water.  Baking Soda is a very good healing agent as well.  We also got to know never to use fresh water as this will make the sting even worse.

The students were encouraged to send a report via email whenever they spot a jellyfish.  The report is to give this information:

  • WHICH type of jellyfish was observed.
  • WHERE were the jellyfish observed.
  • HOW MANY were observed.

Reports are to be sent to


Profs. Deidun showed us models of some types of jellyfish and also answered our one thousand and one questions and gave us posters to keep.  Ms. Claire Massa, the Project Co-Ordinator, was also present for this lesson.  A very big thank you to Ms. Claire and to Profs. Alan Deidun.

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