The Rainbow Fish – Special Assembly Year 1

The Year 1 special assembly held on the 1st December was called ‘The Rainbow Fish’.  Together with their class teacher Ms Diane and LSA Ms Gabrielle the students read the story in class and watched a video of the same story.  The rainbow fish believed that she was the most beautiful fish because of her silver scales, but she was sad and lonely, because the other fish didn’t want to play with her.  The story encourages the children to be more humble and to be more willing to share their possessions.  The children were exposed to a situation where being happy does not mean having everything or being the best amongst those around you.  On stage the year one students acted out the story and had colourful props and all took active part in the short play.  The whole class then danced along to the song Under The Sea while everyone clapped and enjoyed the show.

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