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Myrtle Tree in our green patch

As part of our EkoSkola and Leaf Projects, we planted a Myrtle tree in our school yard. The myrtle tree is an indigenous species common in many parts of southern Europe and North Africa. Myrtle leaves have  been used medicinally for at least 3,000 years. Like most other native trees, it had nearly disappeared from the Maltese countryside but there is evidence that in a number of localities such as Wied Għajn Riħana it used to be common.

It is in fact a pity that the tree, known in Maltese as Riħan, is not planted more often in our country.

The myrtle does not grow high and at most reaches five metres but its special attributes are aromatic leaves and beautiful white flowers that are in bloom from late spring to late summer.

Later in the year the myrtle tree produces large numbers of blue-black berries. The berries contain several seeds and it is very easy to propagate the tree from them. The myrtle tree is also cultivated and can be found in gardens. It is ideal for hedges and one can be found in the front garden of the Domus Romana Museum in Rabat. Special thanks go to Mr. Johann Gatt, our EkoSkola and Leaf Coordinator.

Tree of the Month – Carob Tree

The Carob Tree – Il-Ħarruba

The Carob Tree is quite common in the Maltese Islands and could still be found in its natural habitat.  This evergreen grows up to a height of 10m. The seed pods of the Carob are used as food for animals. It can be found in various places such as valleys, fields and road sides.

Tree of the Month – Judas Tree

The Judas Tree – Is-Siġra ta’ Ġuda

The Judas Tree has disappeared from the countryside where it was very common. This tree can only be seen in parks and in the streets.  The tree is semi-deciduous.  This means that most of the leaves drop during the autumn months and it flowers in early Spring. The flowers are purple in colour and they give our streets a wonderful look when Easter is approaching.

Tree of the Month – Bay Laurel

The Bay Laurel – Ir-Randa

Another native tree that has almost disappeared from the wild, but it is common in parks and private gardens. This is an evergreen. The leaves of the Laurel are used in cooking and are valued for their medical properties. It grows in valleys and in other humid places such as Wied il-Luq and Wied Qirda.

Jum is-Siġar – 15 ta’ Jannar 2016

Illum żrajna tipi differenti ta’ siġar fil-ġnien ċkejken tagħna li jinsab fil-bitħa tal-iskola. Qabel żrajna ġew xi nies sabiex ineħħu l-ħaxix ħażin li kellna biex b’hekk inkunu nistgħu niżirgħu xi siġar u pjanti oħra. Żrajna sitt tipi differenti ta’ xtieli fosthom il-Pittosporum Tobira, Lantana, Nerium Oleander, Lumi, Plumbago u Metrosideros. Apparti minn hekk waħħalna label ma’ kull siġra sabiex nibqgħu niftakru l-isem. Vera ħadna gost inħawwlu dawn ix-xtieli filwaqt li sebbaħna wkoll l-ambjent ta’ madwarna. Issa qed nittamaw li jikbru sabiex ikollna bitħa mimlija bi ġnien mill-isbaħ. Ser nibdew ukoll insaqqu dawn is-siġar sabiex jikbru iżda peress li hu żmien tax-xitwa, ix-xita tkun tista’ ssaqihom ukoll!

Caya Zammit
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