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All on board – Get Involved!

A number of activities are being organised for all parents/legal guardians.  Some activities are meetings at school, others are fun activities outside the school premises.  Some activities also include outings with your own children so do get involved and participate in these activities.  Children love seeing their relatives at school and enjoy spending time with their loved ones.  So invest in your children’s happiness and we hope to see you on board!

Click here for the Program of Activities for the First Term

First activity scheduled for Tuesday the 9th September: Hop-on Hop-off by Night.  Please contact Ms Lucienne Piscopo for more information 🙂

School Council on the Go! Go Zumba!

Interesting Activities for all Parents and Friends.

As part of the forthcoming  activities that are scheduled for all Parents and friends, our School Council is organizing Zumba sessions twice a week. These sessions are going to be held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11.00. The first session is scheduled for Monday 15th September 2014. Thanks to the Floriana Local Council, the sessions will be held at the Local Council Hall, 15 Emmanuel Tonna Square, Floriana. Anyone who would like to join in is kindly asked to contact either the school or Ms. Lucienne Piscopo.

So, come on, join the fun and fitness classes and shake, shake and shrink!