Councils are made up of a group of people who have been elected by the school community to represent them.  Councils meet up for regular meetings to discuss how to best help in the day-to-day running of the school.

At SGPC Floriana Primary one may find the following active councils and committee:

  • School Council
  • Students’ Council
  • EkoSkola Committee

The School Council is made up of teachers’ representatives and parents’ representatives together with  a President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The School Council is responsible for organising fund raising activities, cultural outings for parents, planning and assisting  in the maintenance of the school  and any other activities organised from which all members of the school community will benefit.

The Students’ Council is made up of students who have been democratically elected by their schoolmates. The Student Council members represent their schoolmates and bring forward suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism to improve the everyday schooling experience for all.  In order to ensure that all the members of the council actively participate and give their contributions, a member of the teaching staff guides this group during their meetings.

The EkoSkola Committee is made up of students who are chosen by their peers during an EkoSkola election.  The aim of this committee is to mobilise the whole school and empower students to adopt an active role in environmental decision making and action in their school and the community.  The committee works towards achieving the goal of being awarded with the Green Flag – a prestigious eco-label testifying the school’s commitment to fostering sustainable lifestyles.  Two link teachers lead this committee with suggestion and ideas shared during their meetings.

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