Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts are not merely a break from the other academic subjects but also a necessity for our young learners.  Arts and Crafts help pupils embrace with the other side of themselves. They will learn how to tackle their problems creatively.

During certain subjects, for example Maths and Science, children tend to use their left hemisphere but when engaging in an Arts and Crafts activity they tend to stimulate their right hemisphere.  When learners are able to use both hemispheres simultaneously, they learn better and faster.

In addition, during Arts and Crafts children learn to express themselves as they will be able to convert abstract ideas in visual and concrete ones.  The most important thing in such subjects is that in Arts and Crafts there is no right or wrong.  Therefore children are able to express their ideas freely without any judgements or interference.  This results in growing confidence and self-esteem.

Week starting Monday 28th October 2013

Have a Spooky Halloween

Week starting Monday 21st October 2013

Miao … we love cats … Miao!

Week starting Monday 14th October 2013

Colourful Dragons