Cooking fun!

The saying, ‘Let’s do an activity in the Food Lab!’ is sure to be received with cheer and enthusiasm, as every teacher knows.  The aim is to promote healthy lifestyles for our children.
The children are always looking forward to such activities, since they are very different from the norm.  Lesson preparation involves a lot of work on behalf of the teacher.  Lesson preparation might involve the use of recipes, preparing shopping lists and practising kitchen skills, namely the proper use of kitchen equipment in a safe and clean environment.  Moreover, emphasis is placed on safe cooking and hygiene rules.
The earlier the children learn how to prepare healthy meals the better, as it is an invaluable skill in life.
So. . . happy cooking!!!!!!

Keep on the look out for different activities that are organised in the Food Lab by the school staff members ….

21st October 2013 – Making Faces – Kinder 1

25th October 2013 – Fruit Salad – Kinder 2.1

25th October 2013 – All About Shapes – Kinder 2.2

8th November 2013 – Run run … I’m the Gingerbread Man – Kinder 1.2

28th January 2014 – Let’s Cook a Pizza! – Kinder 2.1 and 2.2

11th February 2014 – Let’s cook some pasta! – Year 2

12th February 2014 – Roll them up! – Year 1

25th February 2014 – Wrap it all up! – Year 6

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