Teachers and parents that would like to have more information about the teaching of the English Language can access the Primary English blog. We can never stress enough the importance of reading when studying a language.  Books not only are fun, but they expose us to new words and expressions that we can use ourselves in our own writings and everyday conversations.  Hence, the importance of pupils having access to books not only at school but also at home.  We ought to expose our pupils to different writing styles and about different topics of interest that capture the children’s attention.

Teachers also note that in the English Language Primary virutal room on the eLearning Platform you may find other useful resources which are ideal for class use.  To access the room follow these steps:

  1. Log into Fronter with your iLearn credentials
  2. Click on EOs’ Subject Rooms in the Entrance Hall section on the Today page
  3. Scroll through the various subjects to find the English LanguagPrimary option and click on it
  4. Access the various sections in the virtual room for any resources available that can be useful in your teaching

Credit to the EO Primary Curriculum English: Ms Antoinette Debattista