xxxxx College Diaries
Over these last two years the College San Ġorġ Preca has taken up the initiative of publishing a College diary which is used by all schools within the college.  Pupils use these diaries to take note of their homeworks and study work.  The diary is also used as a means of communication between parents/guardians and teachers.

School Diaries xxxxx
San Ġorg Preca College Floriana Primary School has issued 4 school diaries for the Years:

2011-2012   2010-2011 2009-2010 2008-2009

These diaries had a two-fold purpose that for pupils to take note of their work and study that needs to be done at home and also as a home-school link book.

School Calendar
xxxxx xxxx. Ek
A school Calendar for 2013 was issued as part of the EkoSkola project being carried out at SGPC Floriana Primary.  This Calendar features photos of fountains and important monuments related to water found in Floriana.  Members of the EkoSkola Committee also feature in the magazine with wise words and mottos about saving water.

School Annual Magazines xxxxx
The School Annual Magazines … Lions’ Pride is a showcase of children’s work and educational activities and projects in our school. Going through these magazines one can have a glimpse as to what goes on at school. We hope that these magazines are treasured by all students and may you enjoy remembering the good times at school. This annual is possible thanks to the hard work of all involved in our school’s life and the sponsors who believe in us … from here we say a big thanks to all!

xxxxx Rhythm and Rhyme
A collection of rhymes in both the Maltese and English language for the Kinder Classes.  These Rhymes are related to the different topics covered in the Kinder Classes. Parents at home are encouraged to go through the nursery rhyme being done at school for continuation at home.