Don’t Give Up – Special Assembly Year 2

The theme chosen for the Special Assembly of the Year 2 class was ‘Don’t give up’. The focus of this special assembly was to encourage everyone to not give up and persevere when encountering a difficult situation. At school students frequently encounter various difficulties and thus the teacher Ms Svetlana and the LSA Ms Janette felt that students should learn more about the power of perseverance and a growth mindset. In order to pass on this message during our special assembly, children performed two songs ‘Don’t give up’ by Bruno Mars’ and ‘Get back up again’ from the movie Trolls.

Children’s Day – Special Assembly Year 3

On Friday 17th November, the Year 3 class presented a special assembly about Children’s Day.  The assembly started off with a powerpoint presentation where four children explained about Children’s rights and responsibilities.  Then all the class participated in singing and acting out a song entitled The Sharing Song.  It aimed at encouraging children to share their toys with each other in the hope of creating a better world.  Each child carried out actions related to the lyrics, such as playing ball together or sharing colouring pencils and books.  The children really enjoyed it and hopefully the positive message gets through and encourages children to be more generous and avoid conflict.

Spot the Jellyfish!

On Monday 6th November we hosted Profs. Alan Deidun from the University of Malta as part of our Kreattiv Project about “The Sea”.  Profs. Deidun, in his typical colourful manner,  explained to us the different types of jellyfish that are found in our waters.  We got to know that the most frequent and common one is the Mauve Stinger. This jellyfish can be very harmful as its sting is very painful.  There are also the Fried Egg Jellyfish, commonly known as the Qassata and the Portuguese Man o’ War.  Other jellyfish that are spotted in our waters are the Box Jellyfish, the Nomadic Jellyfish, the By the wind Sailor, the Comb Jellies, the Cigar Jellyfish, the Moon Jellyfish, the Sea Lung, the Blue Button and the Crystal Jellyfish.  Some give only a mild sting and others do not sting at all.  The best way to treat a jellyfish sting is by washing it with sea water.  Baking Soda is a very good healing agent as well.  We also got to know never to use fresh water as this will make the sting even worse.

The students were encouraged to send a report via email whenever they spot a jellyfish.  The report is to give this information:

  • WHICH type of jellyfish was observed.
  • WHERE were the jellyfish observed.
  • HOW MANY were observed.

Reports are to be sent to


Profs. Deidun showed us models of some types of jellyfish and also answered our one thousand and one questions and gave us posters to keep.  Ms. Claire Massa, the Project Co-Ordinator, was also present for this lesson.  A very big thank you to Ms. Claire and to Profs. Alan Deidun.

Novembru wasal ukoll!

Novembru huwa meqjus bħala x-xahar tal-erwieħ tal-purgatorju u matulu niftakru b’mod speċjali f’dawk qrabatna u ħbiebna li llum m’għadhomx magħna.  Dan ix-xahar, li fih 30 ġurnata, jibda bil-festa tal-Qaddisin Kollha u l-għada tkun il-festa tal-Erwieħ tal-Purgatorju – aħna nemmnu li dawn jinsabu fi triqthom lejn il-Ġenna sabiex isiru qaddisin ukoll.

Issa l-ħarifa daħlet sewwa u iktar ikollna dlam milli dawl!  Jidlam kmieni ħafna u kulħadd ikun jixtieq li joqgħod aktar ġewwa milli barra.  Ġieli jkollna ġranet sbieħ ukoll – dawn insejħulhom is-Sajf ta’ San Martin, li jkollu l-festa tiegħu matul dan ix-xahar, eżattament fil-11 ta’ Novembru.  Dak inhar hija drawwa qadima li lit-tfal jagħtuhom il-borża tad-drapp b’xi frotta u xi ftit ħelu jew lewż.  Taqbila ħelwa marbuta ma’ din il-festa hija din:

“Ġewż, lewż, qastan, tin;

Kemm inħobb lil San Martin!”

Lejn l-aħħar tax-xahar ikollna l-festa ta’ Kristu Re li tfakkarna li jkun wasal biex jibda l-Avvent!  Imbagħad fit-30 ta’ Novembru ssir il-festa ta’ Sant’Andrija, li kien wieħed mill-Appostli ta’ Ġesu’.

San Martin Sant’ Andrija

Pink October – Special Assembly Year 4

During year 4 special assembly held on Friday the 27th October we celebrated Pink October Day.  The students explained the importance of BREAST AWARENESS for both males and females. During this event, a summary of what one should be on the look out was stressed as well as how often one should screen him/herself. The event was highlighted with a pink touch representing the color for this awareness. Both teachers and students wore a touch of pink too to celebrate this day. Donations were collected and given to the Hospice movement.